DCI Shaftoe has a long series of book coming. You’ll find them below.

book 1 

Blackfriars gate

A gang fight.

A stabbing.

A cloaked figure.

A hit and run.

On a blustery autumn night, a middle‐aged man leaves Newcastle’s Chinatown to go to his car. Later he is found dead at Blackfriars Gate . There appears to be no obvious reason for his murder, unless he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Then a middle‐aged woman is killed in a hit and run on a quiet country road, early in the morning, in north Northumberland.
Detective Chief Inspector Alex Shaftoe, a history and archaeology buff, is considering retirement as she walks into Chinatown to resolve a gang fight. But soon the grizzly murder at Blackfriars Gate which adjoins Chinatown is discovered.
As the stakes are raised, can she join the dots in a thirty‐year old past which connects these events, before there is another death.
Set in Newcastle upon Tyne and the wild beauty of Northumberland, this is a fast‐paced British detective mystery. A whodunnit with a hint of mid‐life romance and humour.
The twists and turns and suspense will keep you guessing until the end.

book 2 

Missing presumed guilty

When a top Whitehall official goes missing whilst walking the St Cuthbert’s Way in north Northumberland, DCI Alex Shaftoe is asked to investigate. But there is a complication because there has been a major cyber attack on government systems and the source of the attack is the missing Whitehall official’s laptop.
As DCI Alex Shaftoe investigates it draws her into the murky world of Whitehall and her own past with her husband, Daniel.
But things are not as they seem as she tries to unravel the mystery.